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We Provide Technology Contingency Planning For Businesses Throughout Scotland & The UK

Data Recoverability and Availability

Data Recoverability and Availability

We offer business continuity and backup solutions,

ensuring the safety of your data and enabling quick recovery in case of a disaster.

Trust us to keep your IT infrastructure resilient and prepared.

Our Business Continuity Services Include

  • Disaster recovery.
  • Enterprise level Antivirus.
  • Local or Cloud based backup solutions.
  • Services segregation using virtualization.
  • Services permissions and access control.

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What is Business Continuity and Disaster recovery in an IT environment?

Business continuity is a crucial endeavour aimed at ensuring the seamless operation of a business during times of disaster or crisis. Its primary objective is to maintain uninterrupted access to critical IT services, even in the face of adverse or uncommon circumstances. On the other hand, disaster recovery is specifically concerned with the swift and efficient restoration of data access and IT infrastructure following a disaster. Its focus lies in the expedient return of IT services to their normal state, mitigating any potential disruptions caused by the calamity. In essence, business continuity concentrates on the continuous functioning of IT services amidst challenging situations, while disaster recovery centres on the prompt recovery and restoration of these services after a disaster strikes.

Do I need a Disaster recovery plan for IT services?

In today’s technology-driven landscape, it is essential for every business, regardless of its industry or scale, to possess the capability to swiftly recover from any event that disrupts its day-to-day IT operations. Failing to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place can expose a company to a range of detrimental consequences. These include potential data loss, diminished productivity, unexpected financial burdens, and significant damage to its reputation, ultimately resulting in customer attrition and revenue loss. Therefore, a well-designed and implemented disaster recovery strategy is crucial to safeguarding the integrity and resilience of a business’s IT infrastructure, ensuring minimal downtime, and preserving its overall operational efficiency.


Professional, efficient, and friendly remote and Onsite support. Our experienced support engineers are on hand to minimize downtime and keep your business moving.


Our team offers assistance and expert advice for your business in utilizing Microsoft 365 and harnessing the power of cloud-based services.


We offer business continuity and backup solutions, ensuring the safety of your data and enabling quick recovery in case of a disaster. Trust us to keep your business resilient and prepared.


Staying updated with the latest solutions and technologies can be a challenge. We understand the complexities and are here to assist you in identifying and fulfilling your IT needs.